About Me

C.G. CarpenterChristine Gail Carpenter, aka C.G. Carpenter writes fantasy novels. As a child she loved to read and spent her school years being scolded by teachers for doing so in class. The first fantasy novel she ever read was The Glass Dragon by Irene Radford. Before long she was devouring anything fantasy she could find. As a teenager, in between the usual troublemaking of course, her love of fantasy never waned. She created her own fantasy characters and stories in her head but never considered writing them down. At 18 she joined the Air Force following in her parents footsteps pursuing a career in IT. Christine spent eight years in the military before getting a civilian job in Computer Networking.
It was her husband who suggested that she turn her love of fantasy into something more. Once she began writing down the stories that were in her head, she knew that she could never stop. Still at her day job, Christine enrolled in Full Sail University and graduated in February 2015 with a BFA in Creative Writing for Entertainment. She continues Computer Networking during the day but works on her fantasy novels and freelance writing at night. She is currently working on a game called Hubris that comes out on the WiiU this Summer.She is the first to tell you she has never been happier.